Hello everyone!  It's been a crazy two months since closing our boutique in Frankfort, Illinois to our cross country move to the Sunshine State!  I'll be honest, so far we are not missing the cold weather of Illinois.  And when we see the snow, especially on Halloween, we are thankful we made the move!  Anyone who knows me, knows I love warmth and sunshine. 

Why did we move?  Well, for us, it's all about family.  And while we had to leave some family, we are now closer to my daughter and her fiancé.  Their wedding is in a few months, so being here to do wedding dress fittings, wedding invites, etc. has been so rewarding.  I'd hate to have missed those moments.  

We are slowly getting settled in. We've learned we have too much stuff.  We didnt realize how much we'd miss the basement space, lol.  But, we have gained so much with our beautiful backyard view.  We see an array of birds, gators, turtles or all sizes, lizards, deer and more. Its amazing.

We continue learning about our new area, exploring local towns and markets. We hope you continue to follow us and enjoy this crazy ride with us.  

We are working on updating the website and will be offering new spring/summer items soon.  If there is something that you want, please reach out.  We are happy to help you in any way we can. 

Thanks for everything.  Wishing you all a healthy, happy holiday season. 
Lorin and Mr. Lorin's Luxe