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Maison Berger

Duality Plum Maison Berger

Duality Plum Maison Berger

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Lampe Berger Duality Black Angelica Fragrance Lamp Gift Set Maison Berger Paris. This Lampe Berger is a fragrant declaration, celebrating both strength and liberty as the very expression of femininity. Lamp comes in a gift box, complete with catalytic wick - burner, Silver diffuser cap, stopper cap, filling funnel, and instructions for use. Includes a 250ml Black Angelica Fragrance. The sculptural and charismatic Lampe Berger Duality Gift Pack is presented in a unique form by the designer Anthony Gambus. Harmonious and sensual pleats delicately decorate the glass, emphasising its bold colour. The silicon strip embossed with the brand name creates a contrast, while the silver-coloured ball-shaped mount adds a touch of elegant sophistication. This duality continues with the opulent and captivating Black Angelica fragrance.

Details in Brief

  • Made in France from glass
  • Hand washing is recommended
  • Accessories included: 1 catalytic burner, 1 stopper, 1 funnel
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